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  • TOX®-Pressen - Baukasten mit Antriebsvarianten
    TOX®-Pressen - Baukasten mit Antriebsvarianten
  • TOX®-Controls - 2-Hand-Steuerung Typ STE
    TOX®-Controls - 2-Hand-Steuerung Typ STE
  • TOX®-Einpressüberwachung EPW 500
    TOX®-Einpressüberwachung EPW 500

In the beginning, there were design engineering services. This was followed by the development of innovative pneumohydraulic drive cylinders. Soon after, the production of these cylinders was launched, gradually expanding the modular kit of TOX®-Powerpackage drive cylinders and basic devices for their installation with mechanical engineering components like presses, C-frames and tongs. In the meantime, entry into the business field of sheet metal joining technology was achieved with the TOX®-Round-Joint procedure, followed in time by variants like TOX®-TWINpoint, TOX®-Vario-Point or TOX®-MICROpoint. Then came the ClinchRivet® procedure, complemented by new solutions for punching, stamping, forming and press fitting. With growing demands, mainly by large series producers from the automotive and white goods fields, the development of electromechanical press force drives of the TOX®-ElectricDrive series was advanced, consistently accompanied by new control technology developments and process monitoring systems for joining/clinching and pressing/pressing-in operations. Finally, the process competence was expanded with processing technology for functional elements, thus making a specific performance and solution portfolio from one source available to current users and suppliers from all fields of the sheet metal processing and assembling industries, which is unrivalled worldwide!

The guiding thread: Technologies – Applications – Mechanical Engineering – Solutions

This is the history of the technology company TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG, based in 88250 Weingarten in Southern Germany and established in 1978, in a nutshell. A couple of positions could still be added, however, a guiding thread is becoming apparent based on today's range of services, which is running through the history of the company, namely the following of the process chain "Machining and joining of sheet metal parts and assembly components". Conversely, the development of universally to multifunctionally usable components results in standardization and in turn serial production with batch size advantages. Users benefit amongst others from high, consistent quality, standardized constructions, global availability and continuous service. The in-house, proven, reliable components result in systems in the form of technical production solutions. These include the required technology as well as the process equipment and finally the devices, presses, C-frames, tongs and machines.

More than just "off the shelf" …

Based on the two essentially very different applications TOX®-Clinching and Punching in, it becomes clear how much the system concept of TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK influences the realization and costs and thus the efficiency of production facilities. Whether it is the joining of sheet metal by means of TOX®-Clinching or the insertion of functional elements into sheet metal, in both cases a TOX®-Standard Press or Tongs or TOX®-Standard Bow serve as basic machine, optionally equipped with the pneumohydraulic drive cylinder TOX®-Powerpackage or the electromechanical drive TOX®-ElectricDrive. It must then simply be equipped with the respective tool system and the part-specific holder. Choosing the product with the standard components off the shelf ensures fast and cost-optimized realization of the basic machine, while in parallel, the construction and production of workpiece-specific equipment is already underway. This works mostly in all fields of application of the sheet metal processing and assembling industries and is strongly supported for example by the online configurator for the TOX®-Presses ecoLine, guiding users in just fours steps to the standard press system with price guarantee! If a special machine is required due to technical production considerations, standardized machine, drive, control and process monitoring systems are also used, which shortens the implementation time, lowers the operator risk and ensures the desired cost-effectiveness.

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